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Cross Table, Cross Table Glass

Cross Table, Cross Table Glass

桌面被放置在纤细的金属结构上,其由呈十字形的木制底座加以坚固。该设计柔中带刚,通过搭配笔直和柔软的两种流线突出每个构件的特性和功能。对于三个主要配件分别不同的表面加工和颜色可供选择,从最独特的到最清爽,完善个性的表达。桌面有木质、陶瓷或大理石可供选择。 底座饰面也有不同种,包括青铜色、铅色、珍珠色和抛光金色涂漆金属的优雅款式。 下部十字架由三种可能的木材制成。 在Cross Table Glass款式中,底座为透明玻璃。


: 200cm
: 108cm
: ± 75cm
: 250cm
: 112cm
: ± 75cm
: 280cm
: 115cm
: ± 75cm
: 300cm
: 120cm
: ± 75cm


    • 美国胡桃
    • 黑胡桃木
    • 拉丝原栎木
    • 卡拉拉白色大理石
    • 卡拉卡塔金丝白色大理石
    • 深金峰褐色大理石
    • 白黑根黑色大理石
    • 圣丹尼斯绿色大理石
    • 岩灰色
    • 卡拉卡塔金丝白色
    • 劳伦特黑
    • 卡拉卡塔青丝金丝
    • 碳刷橡木
    • Imperial grey
    • Rosso Carpazi
    • Fior di bosco
    • Rosso imperiale
    • Mountain peak
    • Black Onyx

Materials, fabrics, leathers, colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. You can find the complete collection of Bonaldo fabrics and leathers on the website https://www.bonaldo.biz/


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Alain Gilles

Born in 1970 in Bruxelles (Belgium). After studying Political Sciences and Marketing Management, Alain Gilles went on to work in the financial world. Then, he went back to studying Industrial design in France. He opened its own studio in 2007 in order to pursue his own dreams and develop his personal approach to product design, furniture design, art direction and interior architecture. In 2012, he was named “Designer of the Year” by the prestigious Interieur Kortrijk Fair”. A pillar in the evolutionary path of Bonaldo that signed great successes like the Big Table, an icon of international design which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary. Other popular pieces created for Bonaldo include the Welded table, which in 2013 received the “Red dot: best of the best” recognition among the best design projects. The Eddy relaxing armchair, which was presented at the Salone del Mobile 2017, received the Honoree mention of the “Best of Year Award”.

Alain Gilles